We believe that every child and family is unique. Our therapists will carefully develop a therapy plan centred on your child’s individual needs and goals. We’ll work with your child, provide you with ideas and suggestions to promote communication at home, and collaborate with teachers, day care educators or other community care providers (as applicable).

Our therapy is always focused on helping your child succeed and feel confident in everyday communication.

Pre-school Language Development

We love helping our littlest kidos! We provide therapy for children who are “late talkers”, who need support putting words into sentences, learning new vocabulary and grammar, following directions and conversation, listening comprehension, telling stories and more. We also support early literacy skills and school readiness.

Speech Development

We help children learn to speak more clearly so they can get their message across. We assist with lisp remediation, the notorious “r”, and dropping or substituting sounds. We have advanced training to help children with motor speech and apraxia (e.g., PROMPT and Kaufman approaches).


Helping children who stutter is an area of special focus at the Orangeville Speech & Language Clinic! We can help your child learn strategies to promote smooth talking and building their confidence as a speaker. We offer the Lidcombe program for preschool children and the Lidcombe extension, fluency shaping and stuttering modification approaches for school-age children. Our therapists stay on top of the latest research to provide therapy programs with the best outcomes.

Social Communication

Many children benefit from therapy focused on developing social communication skills. We can help your child develop “social thinking”, play skills, turn-taking, joint attention, eye gaze, conversation skills, knowing what to say given the time and place, and reading the social situation. We support older children and teens navigate complex social contexts including safe use of on-line platforms. We aim to help your child develop positive social relationships and confidence communicating.

School-age Language and Literacy Development

This is a special area of interest at our clinic. We support children’s language and literacy development from Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12. We support children with oral language challenges on goals such as talking, listening comprehension and telling stories (spoken discourse). We help children learn study skills that are developed individually for them! We also have a special interest exploring assistive technology solutions for children.

If your child is having difficulty with reading and writing we can help. We have advanced training and intensive, individualized therapy programs for children with reading and writing disorders such as dyslexia. Ask us for more information!

Swallowing and Tongue Thrust

We support children who may need to learning a correct swallowing pattern to prevent dental problems (e.g., tongue thrust/reverse swallow), or for safety and adequate nutrition and hydration.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication

We keep abreast of the latest in technology to help your child use forms of communication in addition to or instead of speech (e.g., iPad apps / speech generating devices). We also promote low tech solutions such as natural gestures and early sign language, visuals, facial expression, and Picture Exchange Communication System.

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