We believe that every child and family is unique. Our therapists will carefully develop a therapy plan centred on your child’s individual needs and goals. We’ll work with your child, teach you what to do every day at home, and collaborate with teachers, day care educators or other community care providers (as applicable).

Our therapy is always focused on helping your child succeed and feel confident in everyday communication.

Pre-school Language Development

helping “late talkers”, putting words into sentences, learning new vocabulary and grammar, following directions and conversation, listening comprehension, telling stories, early literacy skills, school readiness

Speech Development

speaking clearly, lisp remediation, the notorious “r”, dropping or substituting sounds, motor speech and apraxia (e.g., PROMPT and Kaufman approaches)


learning strategies to promote smooth talking and building your child’s confidence as a speaker;  we offer the Lidcombe program for preschool children and the Lidcombe extension, fluency shaping and stuttering modification approaches for school-age children

Social Communication

play skills, turn-taking, joint attention, eye gaze, making friends, conversation skills, knowing what to say given the time and place, reading the social situation to promote positive social relationships

School-age Language and Literacy Development

optimizing school success; reading, written expression, talking and listening in the classroom, study skills, strategies to compensate for language-based learning disabilities, assistive technology strategies

Swallowing and Tongue Thrust

learning a correct swallowing pattern to prevent dental problems, or for safety and adequate nutrition and hydration

Augmentative and Alternative Communication

using forms of communication in addition to or instead of speech (e.g., iPad apps / speech generating devices, natural gestures and early sign language, pictures, facial expression, PECS)

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