We provide a full range of assessment, consultation and therapy services for adults.  We believe that adults of every age have the ability to develop their strengths and learn strategies to promote their communication.

Stroke and Acquired Brain Injury

See our Brain Injury (ABI) and Stroke Services Section for details about how we help people communicate following ABI and stroke.

Voice Disorders

We have extensive experience helping people achieve their best vocal quality. We will work closely with you and your physician to develop an effective treatment plan.


This is an area of special interest at the Orangeville Speech & Language Clinic! We can support you to learn strategies to promote smooth talking and – most importantly – to build your confidence as a communicator.


We have extensive experience with lisp remediation, the notorious “r”, dropping or substituting sounds, motor speech and apraxia.

Social Communication

We can help you develop conversation skills, know what to say given the time and place, read social situations to promote positive social relationships, etc.

Literacy and Learning Skills

We have advanced training to develop your reading, writing and learning strategies to succeed in school, community or work.

Adults with Complex Developmental Needs

We have a special interest supporting adults with developmental needs develop their ability to communicate to the best of their ability.  We provide meaningful treatment to increase participation and independence.  We value and support the role of the family and support people.

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